In the thicket of the forest ("Forest" in Polish means "las"), you will find titans of design, programming masters, young filmmakers, creative photographers, and extraordinary directors.

We were founded because of the pleasure of creating and shaping the reality around us together.

We are a multi-disciplinary creative studio. We have been on the market since 2015, and we are still growing, just like a forest should.

There are no projects too small or too big for us. We aim to create great designs in a positive atmosphere.


We can choose a font for a week, although we usually do it faster. We meticulously remove all layers until only the essential remains. That's when we feel the project is complete. We like minimalist, clean, and clear forms. We design for ATL, digital, and print purposes.

We design for ATL, digital, and print purposes..


On the film set, we feel at home. We appreciate order and only "planned surprises." We believe that a good atmosphere, open minds, and the scent of coffee in the background are the recipe for dreamy results. The magical "we've got it" is uttered when we are absolutely certain that we are leaving the set with a clear conscience. Regardless of the form and size of the production, we know how to mix the ingredients to capture the audience's attention on what matters most.

We know well that one picture speaks more than a thousand words, and we shamelessly take advantage of it.


We furrow our brows, gnaw on pencils, sketch, stroll, sigh, and... we invent cohesive, comprehensive, tailor-made creative concepts for our clients. We believe that simple solutions with a wink work best, and that's what we seek in marketing.

We believe that simple solutions with a wink work best, and that's what we look for in advertising.

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